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Hey, I'm Amy.
I've always wanted a nickname but unfortunately it doesn't get any shorter.

I live in rainy Vancouver, fulfilling my west coast aesthetic dreams; it's a touch too warm and wet for my Edmontonian bones.

In terms of CS, I'm interested in a variety of things: formal methods, systems, and software engineering, as well as CS education.

Next, I'm hoping I can do some projects in Smalltalk (or maybe a Stardew Valley mod...)

a really great pic of me looking back at the camera while wearing a jacket I made


Mutation Testing for Distributed Systems UBC NSS Lab May 2018 - Jan 2019
  • • Working under Dr. Ivan Beschastnikh to understand the application of mutation testing in the context of distributed systems
  • • Conventionally speaking, mutation testing means verifying the quality of your test suite by seeding errors into the system and running tests to see how many detected the mutation
  • • It is unclear how to apply mutation testing to distributed systems given the interaction of multiple nodes and deliberate fault tolerance
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Software Engineering Intern FuseMail September 2017 - April 2018
  • • Worked as a dev intern on the backend of a website portal that handles email security.
  • • I really enjoyed the casual-yet-focused and distraction-free atmosphere at work (and all the mechanical keyboard users)
  • • We use with Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), Git (BitBucket), JIRA, Crucible. SQL, nginx, node, memcached and redis, NSQ. Microservices
  • • Learned that if you want to be a sysadmin, (1) have a data plan (2) pay your internet bills
  • • Official resident poster designer
Undergraduate Academic Assistant UBC Extended Learning May 2017 - August 2017
  • • Developed code examples and comprehension questions in TypeScript, Java, and BSL (teaching subset of Racket) for a 6-part software engineering edX online course open to the public as part of a MicroMasters
  • • One of my favourite parts was grading student submissions and seeing the creative ways they would spice up their assignments, as well as answering thoughtful questions on our discussion forum
  • • We really had to focus on what would be a cohesive, scaffolded, yet substantial approach to this series as it entailed bringing learners from very diverse experience levels together to the level of someone ready to begin a masters program
2K10.06.23.K.O.F.Portable.94.98[格斗之王携带版94-98大蛇 ...:2021-6-23 · 游戏特色:9 W: D- Y3 I/ ~! `$ z+ M8 v PSP版《格斗之王携带版:94-98大蛇篇》在出场人物角色总数上,将达到90名以上,游戏将特别针对PSP的16:9的画面进行优化。 街机版备受好评的对战系统也完全保留,如:避开敌人的攻击后转为反击的“攻击回避 ... UBC Computer Science September 2016 - May 2017
  • • Interacted with students, other teaching assistants, and professors to deliver a comprehensive learning experience for an introductory computer course
  • • One of the comments on my evaluation forms that really resonated was "she made me feel really smart whenever I left the lab." I think encouraging students to feel capable and inspire them to explore computer science is a worthwhile goal
  • • Between grading exams, grading assignments, TAing in lecture, conducting labs, running supplementary tutorials, and holding office hours, labs were definitely the most fun. You get to see a diverse range of students and once you come up with a good analogy for a tough concept, you can use it over and over again and seem terribly clever!


老王vp UBC CSSS May 2019 - May 2020
  • • General overlording
v p n master安卓版 UBC CSSS May 2019 - May 2019
  • 各车型雨刮器尺寸 - 豆丁网:2021-9-13 · 各车型雨刮器尺寸,科鲁兹雨刮器尺寸,凯越雨刮器尺寸,卡罗拉雨刮器尺寸,迈锐宝雨刮器尺寸,奇瑞a3雨刮器尺寸,朗逸雨刮器尺寸,马自达6雨刮器尺寸,雨刮器尺寸,世嘉雨刮器尺寸
  • • I get to coordinate slash vibe with some really cool people from other great clubs around campus, like the Cognitive Systems Society, Engineering Physics Student Association, and the UBC branch of IEEE, as well as my own fantastic minions within the CSSS
  • • I also coordinate external vendors and interested companies, and make sure everyone gets to the right place at the right time! This means sending lots of emails, putting together documents, and coordinating marketing materials
v p n是不是都挂了 HearMeHack | UBC ECESS September 26, 2017
  • • Workshop and floor mentor for a learning hackathon centered around giving concrete experience to beginner programmers
  • • It's really fascinating hearing the diverse interests of different students and what they're excited to learn!
  • • Ran workshops on HTML/CSS/JS (where I focused mainly on JS) and code style/languages
nwHacks Logistics Coordinator nwHacks 2017 April 2016 - May 2017
  • • Logistics coordinator for a 600-person, weekend-long collegiate hackathon at the University of British Columbia
  • • Booked venues, catering, and other odds and ends like security detail
  • • Managed setup, scheduling, mentor/sponsor greeting, participant needs, and other site logistics
  • • I love staying up all night for these things, and hackathons have such a great vibe
Brand and Development Manager Agora Cafe September 2016 - May 2017
  • • A laid-back creative position where I designed branding and marketing materials for a volunteer-run, sustainable, low-cost, vegetarian cafe on campus run by mostly Land and Food Systems students
  • • An amazing opportunity where I met some absolutely wonderful people who were always uplifting. They are so positive, forgiving, warm, and fun - the other executives, the volunteers, and the customers
  • 【豆丁精选】我们常常无法做伟大的事 - 豆丁网:2021-11-1 · 作者回想起来,与老王相比,觉得自 己对老王的关爱还很不够,所以感到“愧 追问追问 所谓幸与不幸, 所谓幸与不幸, 包括天赋条件, 包括天赋条件, 成长条件,生理条件, 成长条件,生理条件, 幸运者 幸运者 只有关爱不幸者的责任, 只有关爱不幸者的


I know reaching out first is pretty hard, but I assure you, every email is a delight. I check my inbox every twenty minutes (if only for massdrop promotions or shipping updates).

老王 v p n安卓版破解   v p n download     老王vp


The part that I care about the most.

I've loved:
  • Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Kreutzer Sonata
  • Italo Calvino: On a Winter's Night a Traveller
  • v p n master安卓版
  • Haruki Murakami: Norwegian Wood, 1Q84, Sputnik Sweethearts
  • Kazuo Ishiguro: A Pale View of Hills, Never Let Me Go
I'm reading:
  • Marcel Proust: In Search of Lost Time
  • Ivan Goncharov: Oblomov
  • Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire
  • Yevgeny Zamyatin: We
Right now I'm using a Filco Majestouch 2, tenkeyless, with Cherry MX blues and NPKC Sunset Gradient keycaps.
I also own:
- Apple AEK II with dampened cream alps
- a set of Godspeed SAs (Cockpit) on a board bought off a friend with cherry ergo clears and a low-profile aluminum case.
- a Hall Effect keyboard (xmit) (endgame: Space Cadet symbolics with Hall Effect keyboard for the ultimate Lisp Machine effect).
- Canvas XDA keycap set with orthos, GMK Laser, frog artisans, Mt Fuji artisan.
- Unbuilt Planck with either Gaterons or Zealios, GMK Laser.
- Unassembled black tokyo60 R1, hoping to use Hako trues
- Pearl PCB
And I've assembled a GMMK with 62g Zilents and Pheilcia plum blossom keycaps for my friend.
I like paper and pencil, or oil paints.
If you're really interested for some reason, here's my deviantArt... at your own risk.
vertical black sesame cake & matcha whipped cream
orangeflower madeleines
juniper and lavender meringues
apricot and lavender sourdough with walnuts
idea: black sesame sable cookies with bitter matcha white chocolate chunks
For more ideas check this pinterest cake board I have
I like small projects, scarves, and dpns. But next I want to knit one of the sweater patterns from Brooklyn Tweed! PLEASE, please, let's talk about knitting; I love knitting. Here's my Ravelry!

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v p n是不是都挂了
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